Gh Partners Diversified Industrials, Consumer Products

Industries Meeting Change Head-On

GH covers other sectors including:
• Diversified industrials
• Consumer products

Diversified Industrials
GH studies the challenges and opportunities facing globally integrated diversified industrial organizations. For each project, we can pull together teams with deep sector experience and an understanding of the financing conditions in the market as well as the issues facing diversified industrial organizations, including digitalization, supply chain disruption, and regulatory compliance.  

GH will advise on may include:
• Financings
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Project development
• Structured finance
Each with the ability to work on a cross-border basis with clients and their advisors to address such domains as tax, real estate, government affairs, regulatory, environmental, intellectual property, cyber risk, and dispute resolution.

Diversified industrials include infrastructure, chemicals, heavy machinery, engineering, and construction materials, among other areas.

Consumer Products
Consumer products is a fast-changing industry with firms that require nimble financial advice to survive (or exit). GH will provide investment banking and corporate finance advice to consumer products firms including producers of, retailers of /e-commerce platforms for, and supply chain participants in, food, tobacco, household products, personal care, consumer durables / hard goods, outdoor brands, and lifestyle experiences. GH will advise a wide range of clients from startup firms seeking a financing partner to large firms (or private equity institutions) wishing to hive off its non-core or mature holdings through a de-SPAC or exclusive sale to firms desiring an entry into a sub-sector to enhance and preserve the corporation.

GH Partners for Diversified Industrials, Consumer Products
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