GH Partners Merchant Banking

Merchant Banking, Private Equity, Alternatives

GH, through its merchant banking unit, will invest in a company on a principal basis either with its own funds or alongside larger partners. Our goal is to align with management in facilitating a company’s long term capital appreciation and build a lasting business. GH may contribute its services, its capital, or both in a custom-built arrangement.

Private Equity
GH seeks to commit equity to underserved but quality companies with strong management. Structures for GH principal investment may include direct stakes, shareholder transfer, leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, growth investments and stressed/distressed investments across a range of industries and geographies. Industries in which we have experience, and companies in the US or with US customers, are the focus. Existing platforms and build-ups are both useful models for partnership.

GH may catalyze your business plan, providing access to sophisticated financial advice in public and private market financings, and mergers and acquisitions. We provide capital to early or late stage firms which are high or low growth.

Other features of GH Alternatives include:   

  • International contacts who have sourced, structured and operated successful business ventures themselves in the past (and present) as advisors, executives or board members
  • Experience in difficult market environments 
  • Active management support (if needed)

Alternatives for Growth
We may partner with founders and CEOs of companies to build businesses. We have the flexibility to invest via either minority or control transactions. Some attractive investment characteristics may include:

  • Large addressable markets
  • Competitive advantages
  • Scalable business models

We take a long-term approach to our investments and dedicate significant time to our partners. We can raise private capital at the right point, or bring to bear other investment banking services at any stage of an investment or partnership.

Merchant Banking
When necessary, GH will assist in operational improvements, value-added consulting and finding strategic add-on acquisitions. Structures may include:

  • Founder-led recapitalizations
  • Growth equity investments
  • Industry roll-ups
  • Management buyouts
  • Corporate carve-outs
  • Platform builds

Consulting may include:

  • Guidance on critical strategic, financial and operational matters
  • Formulating and directing strategy
  • Raising and allocating capital, and evaluating add-on acquisitions
  • Recruiting executives, senior advisors and board members
  • Designing appropriate incentive structures
  • Implementing financial controls and governance system
  • Generating exit scenarios

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