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GH will guide your business through emerging consolidation opportunities, either on the buy side or sell side, or raise debt, equity or hybrid capital for your space project:
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Space Industry Trends
Space is changing extremely rapidly. For example, in just the satellite communications sub-sector, financing opportunities used to be centered around very expensive and large geostationary Earth orbit (GEO) satellites contracted on a long-term basis to relay live video feeds. Now, multiple entrants are employing new technology to provide fiber-level throughput, low latency and fully flexible data services on a global basis in medium Earth orbit (MEO) and low Earth orbit (LEO) with relatively inexpensive small satellites, employing radically cheaper launch and other final deployment technologies.

Other satellite sub-sectors, such as the earth observation satellite sector, are also changing rapidly. More than just basic imagery satellites, new space hardware and emerging threats are driving the detection and analysis of hyperspectral images, radio frequencies signals intelligence (SIGINT) and environmentally-impacting emissions.

GH follows all aspects of the space sector, including emerging launch technologies, privatization of the international space station (ISS) activities in 2026-2028 upon de-orbit, space tourism and entertainment, space manufacturing, on-orbit economy, ground segment hardware, lunar outposts, asteroid mining, cloud storage and computing in orbit, and of course new financing alternatives including SPACs turning PowerPoint decks into funded business plans.

Aviation, Aerospace and Defense Industry Trends
Some trends include:
• Unmanned missions such as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) missions augmenting human intelligence (HUMINT)
• Off-the-shelf (OTS) components are more robust for more applications and, if available from the supply chain, more affordable than ever
• Artificial intelligence driving surveillance and reconnaissance (SAR) missions
• Government contracts, including Space Force Contracts, driving revenues for earlier stage companies
• Asset-light, more cost-effective military operations, leveraging technology and new big data techniques

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