GH Partners Restructuring, Capital Structure, and Valuation

Financial Restructuring and Other Investment Banking Services

GH provides a suite of services to clients:

  • Restructuring
  • Special Situations
  • Capital Structure Advisory
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Shareholder Advisory
  • Valuation
  • JVs, Partnerships & Strategic Alliances
  • Financial Institution Advisory
  • Preparation of Teasers, CIMs, management presentations
  • Financial Due Diligence

Financial Restructuring
When companies think that they may need a financial restructuring advisor, they probably already need one. Perhaps there is a looming maturity date without a forbearance plan, or a business line that is deteriorating more rapidly than expected, or a project which is stalled. Is a company’s debt trading at a discount? Did it miss a payment? There are many reasons to engage a debtor financial advisor. GH will analyze, structure, negotiate and execute the best outcome possible.

Creditor committees, whether ad hoc or official, need advisors as well, to protect their interests in or out of court.

Restructuring Transactions
In a potential client’s litigious stressed or distressed situation, our services may include:

  • Review the state-of-play at engagement including potential strategic responses based on experience, market conditions and other financial professionals
  • Indenture analysis
  • Create a 13-week receipts and disbursements model
  • Address maturities and other near-term and longer-term obligations
  • Perform capital structure analyses
  • Conceive of a bridge to from current to sustainable obligations
  • Work with CROs if needed
  • Consider out of court scenarios including refinancing and exchanges
  • Review balance sheet deleveraging options (restructure or replace existing debt, equitization)
  • Conceive of the turnaround, and plan, structure, negotiate and implement it
  • Mergers and acquisitions – sell non-core assets quickly
  • Consider feasibility of a speedier prepackaged or pre-negotiated plan
  • Obtain DIP financing
  • Determine constituencies and creditor classes and negotiate with committee(s) (banks, bondholders, subordinated and mezzanine lenders, equity)
  • Work with attorneys to craft a plan support document (PSA) or assist in the preparation of a Chapter 11 plan of reorganization and, importantly, the associated disclosure statement (i.e. valuation and best interests test)
  • Structured recovery
  • Perform business and securities valuations
  • Provide litigation support and expert testimony
  • Obtain exit financing

Capital Structure

Does your company spend too much time dealing with a myriad of instruments and investor constituencies? A simplifying transaction will rationalize your capital structure. On the other side, if your company needs the flexibility of a private security which has certain complex features customized for an investor, there is a time for that as well. When business conditions change, so might your capital structure.


Whether a client is a private company, a public company, a set of holdings, or a liquidation, GH uses its experience, judgement, and academic background to arrive at a reasonable value range for the asset(s) at hand. We help boards of directors, special committees, companies, and business owners worldwide. Examples of applications include:

  • Affiliate, insider, and related-party transactions
  • Competing offers
  • Mergers with synergy adjustments

Call us at 1-212-713-0400 to speak with us about your vision and how we can help you through a restructuring or other capital structure transaction.