GH Partners Technology, Media, Entertainment and Telecom (TMET)

Financing for TMET Industries

GH covers:
• Technology
• Media
• Entertainment
• Telecom

TMET Industry Trends
Technology is a broad term. Moreover, while there are technology companies, every company needs to become a technology company, or at least use technology that addresses their customer needs, even before the customer knows it. Startup firms seek to disrupt the way things are done and work either contrary to established interests, or instead with an end to be acquired by those same interests. GH works with a range of technology and technology enabled companies, from established consumer focused companies to business-to-business technology-enabled platforms to promising start-ups in sectors we know (such as TMET or Space).

We track changes in TMET including:
• Advertising budgets, social media, and other activities
• Applicable scientific research
• Consolidation
• Consumer preferences and behavior
• Financial market appetite in both credit and equities
• Fractionalization and micro-consumption
• Internal corporate development teams’ thinking
• Macroeconomic conditions
• Regulatory regimes
• Sustainability
• Technology that makes a significant impact

GH for Technology, Media, Entertainment and Telecom (TMET)
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